Running Cadence Audio File 180 steps per minute

Research indicates that running with a higher cadence of 170-190 steps per minute can decrease vertical loading force (impact) and increase economy during endurance running. These can decrease our risk of injury and allow us to run faster and further without as much fatigue.  Cool hey?  Start counting your steps per minute by using this audio file to improve your running efficiency and incrase your reslience!

Aim to hit a minimum of 170spm on all terrain, no matter what comes your way.  Do not run a faster pace to accomplish this, however!  Run your normal pace/effort, but adjust your stride (likely a bit shorter) to match this step count. Begin by jogging on the spot at 180spm then gradually start running with short steps, lengthening them until you are at your normal pace. Now you are doing it!  Keep checking that cadence throughout your run to make sure you haven’t slowed it down. You can also download music that is around 170-190bpm and run to that too. If you don’t do anything else with your form- nail this!  It will have the biggest impact on your running performance and transform your efficiency as a runner.