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Sarah is the owner and founder of ELM.  She holds a degree in Kinesiology from the University of Victoria and has been working in the fitness and rehabilitation field since 1995.  Her education includes both the art and science of Kinesiology, combining sports psychology, physical education and exercise physiology.  She is a Practicing Kinesiologist with the British Columbia Association of Kinesiologists. Learn more about Kinesiology in British Columbia by going to the BCAK website

Sarah's experience comes not only from certification and training but also from her own success in life and sport. Before starting ELM, Sarah worked in the wilds of British Columbia with the BC Forest Service.  First, working as a treeplanter and then as a member of the Rapattack Wildland Firefighting Team for five years, Sarah learned the joys of hard, physical work which she applies to her career and all of her adventures.

Sarah believes we are capable of unimaginable human potential when we learn to harness the power of the mind. She is passionate about both the mental and physical realms of healing, training and exploring the boundaries of self perceived limitations.

Sarah works passionately with her clients and provides them with the knowledge and tools they need to overcome obstacles and reach their goals and dreams in life and sport.


  • University of Victoria, BA Kinesiology, Faculty of Education

  • British Columbia Association of Kinesiologists (BCAK)- Practicing

  • British Columbia Parks & Recreation (BCRPA)- Personal Trainer

  • Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology (CSEP)- Personal Trainer

  • Blissology Trained Yoga Instructor - 200hr YTT

  • Clinical Hypnotherapist- Currently In Training with CCCHH

  • The Running Clinic - Trends in the Prevention and Treatment of Running Injuries

  • Soft Tissue Release STR- Trained

  • National Coaching Certification Program of Canada (NCCP) Training:

  • NCCP Triathlon Community Coach Trained

  • NCCP Cycling Ready to Race In Training

  • NCCP Multisport Level 1 Theory

  • NCCP Field Hockey Level 1 Technical



  • Motatapu 50k - NZ

  • Lost Soul 100km Ultra...let's see what happens!


  • Sean O Brian 100k - 3rd in age cat

  • Cumby 23k - 2nd in age cat

  • Lost Soul 100km Ultra - 2nd female, 1st in age cat


  • Zion 50k - 5:46, 3rd female overall, 1st in age cat, 21st human

  • Cumby 23k - 2nd female overall, 1st in age cat

  • Canada's Toughest Mudder Whistler- 6th female overall, 1st in age cat, 28th human

  • Trans Rockies 6-day Stage Run - 5th female overall

  • Lost Soul 100km Ultra - 1st female, 2nd human overall


  • Orcas Island 50k

  • Iceland Laugavegur Ultramarathon

  • Golden Hinde summit via Philips Ridge - Female FKT 19hours: 32mins

  • MOMAR Adventure Race - 1st solo female


  • Miwok 100K Ultramarathon, San Francisco 12:38- 14th woman overall.

  • Fat Dog 50Mile, Manning Park. 10:01- 2nd woman overall and 2nd fastest course time on record.

  • MOMAR Cumberland 1st team of two women, 5th team overall (men and women)


  • Sun Mountain 50K Ultramarathon 5:02 - 3rd in age cat.

  • Kusam Klimb 3:09:42 - 2nd in age cat.

  • Squamish 50Mile 11:26 - 10th woman overall.


  • MOMAR Cumberland 1st solo female

  • 7 Day BC Bike Race 23:21 - 7th open woman.


  • MOMAR Cumberland 1st solo female

  • MOMAR Burnbaby 1st solo female


  • Canadian Death Race 125k Ultramarathon 3rd age cat

  • MOMAR Burnbaby 1st solo female

  • Test Of Metal 70k bike race 4th age cat

  • Juan De Fuca solo fastpack 8 hours


  • MOMAR Squamish 3rd solo female

  • Test of Metal 70k bike race


  • MOMAR Cumberland 2nd solo female

  • Log Train Trail Half Marathon 2nd female

  • MOMAR Squamish 1st solo female

  • 12 Hours of Cumberland XC Team of 2 Co-Ed 2nd


  • MOMAR Cumberland 1st solo female

  • Kusam Klimb Mountain Run 2nd female overall

  • MOMAR Squamish 1st solo female

  • Log Train Trail Half Marathon 1st female


  • MOMAR Cumberland 1st solo female

  • MOMAR Shawnigan 1st solo female

  • MOMAR Squamish 2nd solo female

  • Kusam Klimb Mountain Run 3rd in age class


  • Sea2Summit Panorama 3-day Adventure Race

  • MOMAR Cumberland 1st solo female

  • Log Train Trail Half Marathon 2nd female

  • Kusam Klimb Mountain Run 2nd female

I envision each and every one of our clients reaching their bucket list dreams and goals. I know they are capable of more than they will ever realize and I want to see them succeed.
— Sarah Seads


Sarah is on a quest to capture the magic moments, tiny details and big emotions of wild adventures that may never be repeated.  She does this through a fusion of her three loves: Fitness, Photography and Writing.  Find Sarah's creative side online at: