Tina Wilson - Instructor

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Tina is the newest member of ELM and feels extremely grateful to be able to both work with and train beside this awesome ELM community!

Tina is a newly certified CSEP-Certified Personal Trainer and member of the Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology.  She has a diploma in Kinesiology and Sports Studies from Red Deer College, and a bachelor’s degree in Occupational Therapy from the University of Alberta.

“I had worked as an occupational therapist for 14 years prior to returning to my roots in fitness and health promotion. My career provided me with many rewarding experiences by assisting client’s in their recovery and function after injury or illness.  I am excited to bring this past experience into a field that aligns with my own personal values and beliefs around the creation of long term sustainable lifestyle habits when it comes to optimizing health and fitness outcomes.

By taking responsibility and being in charge of my own health through daily self care practices, I have experienced incredible changes not only in my own life but of the people that I love and surrounds myself with.  I have a strong desire to empower people to reach their true potential when it comes to health and fitness. I believe that by placing focus and priority on ones fitness, nutrition, rest/recovery, stress management, and beliefs that it can create a ripple effect into all aspects of ones life.  I feel that my beliefs and values align well with ELM’s mission statement.

In addition, one of the main reasons I was drawn to ELM was through our shared belief that nature is therapy.  I love ELM’s approach of either “training client’s outside or training clients to live their dreams outside”.  Many of my passions involve being in or connecting with nature.  When I am playing it usually involves trail running, backcountry camping, or embarking in number of outdoor pursuits with my family. I am also an aspiring gardener, and a passionate home cook who loves to experiment with whole food plant based cooking. As a former competitive swimmer, I have recently discovered the awesomeness of open water swimming and look forward to summer’s with excitement…and maybe a little bit of fear of lake zombies;)

I look forward to assisting client’s explore and discover what types of play brings them joy and help to reconnect them to their bodies through movement.” 


·      CSEP-Certified Personal Trainer

·      Precision Nutrition, Level 1

·      Standard First Aid and CPR

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