Coach Sarah wants to support you on the next chapter of your health and fitness journey! Join the Team ELM Online monthly membership and receive group online coaching from anywhere around the globe! Coach Sarah supports the team in our private facebook group with weekly resources and motivation, access to our private video library and monthly live Q&A coaching sessions…and more!  If you are looking for coaching support in a group setting, then this is a great place to be!  All of Sarah’s online athletes who are following training plans are also in this group, and we are all there to support one another on our personal health and fitness journeys.

All new Team ELM Online Members receive their first month for FREE!  Do you want a free month of online coaching with Sarah and Team ELM?

Team ELM Online is a community of people just like you, who are training for goals just like yours, all around the world.  The power of a group is amazing and you will find the inspiration, motivation and the support you need in this awesome community, led by strength & endurance coach, and adventure athlete, Sarah Seads. 

Join Team ELM Online and you will receive group coaching support from Coach Sarah every week, from anywhere in the world!  If you have goals, Coach Sarah will help you reach them, with full access to training videos, strength workouts, coaching tips and monthly live video Q&A sessions.  Joining Team ELM Online will ensure that you stay on track, motivated and accountable and that you reach your goals feeling strong, healthy and happy.

Monthly membership in Team ELM Online includes:

  • Weekly support from Coach Sarah: training advice, coaching tips, articles, resources, inspiration and motivation!

  • Monthly Live Q&A sessions with Coach Sarah

  • Training Video Library - full access. See samples of Coach Sarah's training videos on our Training Video page here. New videos added every single month!

  • Strength and flexibility exercises and fresh training ideas.

  • Monthly themes to keep you inspired and motivated!

  • Group support- connect with the Team ELM Online community on Facebook, share your successes and challenges, find inspiration through the support of our awesome community all around the globe.

*Please note: Team ELM meets in a private Facebook group so you will need to create a Facebook account in order to join this online coaching group with Coach Sarah.

I love the new ideas for my daily workouts the most. I love the group atmosphere but also the individuality of the program...I can take advantage of all the resources or none if I’d like. There is no pressure, only motivation from Coach Sarah. I like seeing others share their love of exercise and a fit lifestyle. Thank you for coming up with this online team. It is such an economical way to have access to an incredible trainer.
— Ashley T


All new Team ELM Online Members receive their first month for FREE!  Do you want a free month of online coaching with Sarah and Team ELM?  After that, your investment is just $14/month and you can cancel anytime, with 30 days notice.  Just send us an email!

You can also pre-pay for a 12 month Membership for $140 right now and save $28!  How does that option sound to you?