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Are you ready to build a strong body?  This 12-week, weight training and nutrition plan will guide you on your new strength journey with detailed workouts, instructional videos, tips and tricks and all of the resources you need to reach your strength and body composition goals.  

Strong Body 12-week Program includes:

  • 9 unique strength weight training workouts - 3 progressive, full-body workouts each month. Plus 1 bodyweight training workout for days you can't make it to the gym.

  • Exercise description sheets

  • Exercise logging sheets

  • Videos of all exercises

  • Training Manual - THE resource to answer your questions and help you reach your fitness goals.

  • Nutrition for a Strong Body - the what, when and why of macros and nutrient timing.

  • Know Your Macros Worksheet- step by step instructions on how to calculate your personal macronutrients.

  • NRG: Foods that will move you, whole food cookbook!

  • Secrets to success- top tips for making gains and getting results and top reasons for failure.

  • Access to Online Group Coaching services via Team ELM Online for the duration of your program. Private facebook group, weekly coaching support and full access to my private Training Video Library.

When you purchase an ELM Training Plan, you are not just paying for a plan.  You are investing in the support and expertise of a Coach and joining a Community of athletes who have goals just like you!

In addition to your Training Plan Download materials, all of our Self Directed Training Plans include:

  • Initial coaching support by email to help you get started on your new Training Plan and to answer any of your questions. Contact Coach Sarah with all your start up questions once you have had a chance to review your plan.

  • Step by step instructions in the 'Start Here' document on how to customize your Training Plan to match your starting level, goals and weekly schedule.

  • Access to Group Coaching Support via the Team ELM online facebook group for duration of your Training Plan. Connect with other ELM athletes, training tips, monthly Q & A sessions and more.

Investment: Only $165

Let's get started!

Want to learn more?  Check out Coach Sarah's article: 'How to Transform Your Body'! 

Find out how your Strong Body Program is delivered and what your resources look like, with this short video!

I love the feeling of a strong body, because it sets the base for everything else. It really does! No matter your age or shoe size, if you are a long distance runner or approaching 21k. Injury free, self confidence, self love, capable, move forward, beautiful inside - the reasons are endless. Feeling wins over the looks - and you look fab! This is what I am doing together with COACH SARAH SEADS.
— Sarah Erikkson, Simplify The Get Going