Thanks for your analysis! I have really been working on cadence, incorporating ABCs and doing the corrective exercises. Wow! I never knew I had weak glutes! Holy cow! As well I have never been able to engage my abs while exercising or ever since having kids- the exercises have totally changed that!!!!! I am so happy. - Amy


Kinesiology is the scientific study of human movement, performance and function. It applies the science of biomechanics, anatomy, physiology, psychology and neuroscience to human movement and function.  Kinesiologists are required to complete a minimum four year University degree program to practice in Canada.  ELM's Kinesiologists are practicing members of the BC Association of Kinesiology

Kinesiologists offer a wide range of services including Exercise Therapy and Corrective Exercise, Injury Rehabilitation, Strength and Conditioning, High Performance Coaching, Biomechanical Analysis, Ergonomics and Workplace Design.  Find out more about how Kinesiologists serve the public. 

Be sure to ask your private health insurance provider if they cover Kinesiology services. 


  • Consultation/Coaching Sessions - Spend a Coaching session working on any area of your health and fitness that you need support with. Nutrition, weight management, program analysis, technique, mental training. One time sessions can take place in person, on the phone or via facetime/skype etc.

  • Functional Assessments- Identify faulty movement patterns and muscular imbalances that may be causing pain, limiting athletic performance and impairing activities of daily movement. All new ELM Personal Training clients receive a functional assessment and corrective exercise prescription designed to improve quality of movement and build a solid foundation.

  • Corrective Exercise - Corrective Exercise prescription includes specific strength, balance and flexibility exercises to address muscular imbalances and correct faulty movement patterns. Corrective Exercise is a safe and effective 'active therapy' with the goal of restoring optimal function and creating changes that will last over the long term. Exercises must be performed consistently and progressed on a regular basis as adaptations occur, in order to achieve optimal function and lasting change. Clients must be ready to commit to at least 15-30 minutes per day or every other day for a period of 2-3 months in order to create adaptations that will transfer to functional movements in their day to day life.

  • Personal Training - Our Personal Training services combine the art of Coaching with the science of Kinesiology to provide our clients with the tools they need to get results over the long term. Sport specific, functional training, nutrition, mental training and weight management coaching for 'every'-body. All Personal Training clients begin with a Kinesiology Assessment and Corrective Exercise Prescription to ensure they are on track to reach their goals over the long term. One on One, Partner Training and long-term packages are available for all budgets.

  • Fitness Assessments - Biomechanical Running Analysis, Sport Specific Assessments, Nutrition Assessments and Body Composition Analysis services.

  • Online Coaching Services - Training for a specific running, cycling or other fitness adventure? Train Online with Coach Sarah to reach your event specific goals!

  • Injury Rehabilitation - Functional Assessments and Exercise Therapy for motor vehicle (ICBC), sports injuries, pre and post-op clients and other sub-acute and chronic conditions. Check with your insurance provider to see if they cover Kinesiology services referred by your physician.

  • Workplace Wellness - Ergonomic Assessments, Fitness and Health Assessments, In-House Education and Training sessions and Workplace Wellness Program Design services. Contact ELM for more information.

After a year of dealing with injury, plantar fasciitis, and several, once every 10 days, of visiting the chiro, physio, massage and osteopath to help repair my body I knew it was time to deal with the underlying imbalance in my body. I signed up for a Kinesiology assessment and Corrective Exercise session to help pinpoint the problem. She quickly found the areas to work on and gave me some very functional and non-time consuming exercises to work on. I can see the progressions and already feel how much they will help correcting imbalances! The exercises are helping me to progress to the next level with strength and any adventure I want to take on! Thanks so much Sarah!
— Lynn Swift



1. Book your sessions.  Click Book Now to schedule your Initial Assessment and minimum of 2, weekly Training Sessions using our online scheduler. Please don't hesitate to contact us directly if you have any special requests or troubles using the booking system. E-Coaching sessions may be booked individually.

2. Complete your information form. Once you have booked your sessions, please Complete the New Client Information Form to update your goals, health history, schedule, resources and preferences.  Should you answer positively to any questions on the ParQ health screening questionnaire, we may need to contact your physician to obtain medical clearance prior to beginning your training.

3. Choose your location.  Your sessions will take place at the Comox Recreation Centre,  1855 Noel Ave in Comox, unless otherwise requested.  Please note that all training fee's must be paid directly to the Comox Rec Centre prior to your session when meeting this location.   Mobile training services are also available for female clients in the location of your choice, including in-home, outdoors or at an accommodating facility, after your initial assessment has been completed.  E-Coaching sessions are always available be phone, Facetime or WhatsAp.  

4. What you can look forward to!  Each session is tailored specifically to your needs and goals but may include health coaching, weekly goal setting, education, mental training and nutrition recommendations in addition to your physical training.  Each training session will include a specific warm up, strength, flexibility and conditioning exercises that are personalized specifically for you. Your session fee also includes program development time and all supporting resource materials so that you can dig deeper, stay on track and ensure that you are taking the right steps to reach your goals.  Materials will be sent via email following your session as needed.  Please wear comfortable clothes that you can move in for active sessions along with water and any emergency medication that you may need. E-Coaching sessions will each be unique and designed specifically to meet your needs.

Initial Assessment: During your initial session we will review your health history, set goals, and complete a physical and functional assessment.  You will leave with an action plan and a few key exercises to get you started.  After your Initial Assessment, Sarah will create your Personalized Training Plan including your Corrective Exercise prescription to address imbalances, correct poor posture and improve sub-optimal movement patterns.  You will receive a copy of your Training Plan at your first training session as well as via email along with supporting materials and in-depth training manuals.  You will receive an online account where you can view your exercises in photo, video and text formats on a computer or mobile device using the Physiotech app. E-Coaching sessions may include a self directed fitness test in addition to the intake form.

Training Sessions: During your two start up Training Sessions (or more if needed) you will review your new Personalized Training Plan and begin working through your prescribed exercises.  All Personalized Training programs begin with 'foundation' Corrective Exercises that will correct imbalances and ensure you have a solid base of support to build upon.  Once you have a solid base, Coach Sarah will progress you to functional training, heavier loads and more advanced exercise progressions that will help you reach your health and fitness goals effectively and efficiently. E-Coaching services may also include live video training sessions!

5.  Follow up sessions.  After your first two Training Sessions the frequency of your training is up to you.  You may choose to meet on a bi-weekly or monthly basis for continued supervision and progressions.  Or, you may prefer to work independantly and check in on a bi-monthly or seasonal basis to advance and progress your Training Plan as you reach your goals and set new ones! E-Coaching sessions take place at the frequency that is best for you and your success. We will determine the frequency together to ensure you are on track to reach your goals.



Sarah Seads Client Coaching Agreement:

As a Coach, I am 100% committed to supporting my clients in any and all ways that I can and will do my very best to assist you in reaching your personal health goals, with all of the tools I have.  I will invest my knowledge, skills, energy and passion to support you in reaching your goals in the best way I can.  To achieve the best possible outcome for you, I ask for 100% commitment to yourself and the process, in return.  Coaching is a partnership that requires an equal investment of energy from both the Coach and Client.  As a Coach, I will only agree to work with Clients who are as committed to themselves and process as I am.  As a Coach I cannot guarantee results, because it is you, the Client,  that must do the work and take the steps required to reach your personal goals.  The power for change and success is in the relationship, not in me, the Coach.

I only work with Clients who agree to:

1.  Commit 100% to doing the work, both physically and mentally, that is required to achieve the results they seek.  

2.  Invest as much energy in themselves, as I do, to support themselves in realizing their personal goals.

3.  Be responsible for their own results and take the steps required to reach towards their personal goals over the long term.

Thank you for considering signing up to embark on this exciting journey with me and for trusting me to support you in reaching your goals.  I am here to support you, guide you, motivate you and keep you accountable so that we can both see you succeed.  Let’s get started!



Training sessions are one hour in duration unless otherwise indicated and may take place in mode of your choice when applicable- in person, via phone, facetime or whatsap.  All prices are subject to GST and do not include gym fees, dues, memberships or travel expenses outside of location schedule*.  Our cancellation policy requires 24 hours notice to allow for rescheduling or full session fee applies.

*Scheduled location as of January 1st, 2019:

Comox Rec Centre 1855 Noel Ave, Comox.  Mobile services are always available in the location of your choice for a $30 per session fee.  In-home services are only available for female clients and only after the initial assessment session has been completed.


Kinesiology session fee's include session time, program development time and all supporting training materials, video access and more.

  • 3 session Start Up package (including initial assessment): $295

  • 6 session Start Up package (including initial assessment): $550

  • 60min Assessments and one time Training/Coaching Sessions: $125

  • 90min Assessments and one time Training/Coaching Sessions: $175

  • 60 minute Follow Up sessions: $85

  • 30 minute Follow Up sessions: $60

  • 60 minute Partner Training session: $60pp

  • Mobile Training Fee within Comox/Courtenay: $30

    E-Coaching fees

Book a session with Coach Sarah to work past obstacles, receive personalized fitness and nutrition advice, create a personalized race plan, do a technique video analysis, develop a nutrition plan and get the support you need.  Coaching Session services include email, phone coaching via phone, FaceTime or WhatsAp and all supporting resources from Coach Sarah.  

  • 60mins $85

  • 45mins $75

  • 30mins $60

Please see Assessments for information on Video Analysis, Nutrition Analysis and Planning and Fitness Testing services and fee’s.

Questions?  Please contact ELM for more information or to discuss your health and fitness goals!