You are a tribe.  You are a team.  You are family that supports one another.  You are committed to showing up and reaching for new levels of physical and mental strength, not just for 10 weeks, but for the long term.  You are committed to your health and to supporting one another.
— Coach Sarah



fitness BOOTCAMP

Our workouts train the entire body with High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) strength and conditioning drills, scaled for all levels of fitness.  Our unique HIIT sessions will rev up your metabolic rate both during and after your workouts and provide you with the most bang for your workout buck.  Pull-ups, core training, squat jumps, lunges, agility, stair climbing, beach sessions, team challenges, partner training, and more.  It is always a surprise as each and every workout is unique to keep your body guessing and your mind inspired. At ELM, we mix fitness with fun while enjoying the Valley's most beautiful parks and trails. 

If you enjoy being outside, crave variety in your workouts and are looking for a challenge then this class is for you.  Come out and try a complimentary trial class for yourself- and you will see why ELM participants return year after year.  Simply sign up using the 'First Class Free Pass' pricing option and let us know when we can expect you!

I always enjoy our sessions and can’t honestly think of anything I’d want to change! There is so much variety that I find there’s always something for everyone. I also like how there seems to be some seasonal periodization - a little more strength in the winter, a little more running in the summer. Suits me great! The many new and different games are always interesting, and the personal practice element is great. No complaints here.
— Sara

Location: Inspiring, outdoor locations!  All classes take place in the Comox/Courtenay area unless otherwise noted. *See Program Calendar for specific class locations.

Prerequisite: Desire to improve fitness. Ability to walk briskly for 60 minutes and cleared to run and jump.  Not appropriate for individuals with unresolved bone or joint conditions. All fitness levels will be challenged!.

Goal: Improve cardiovascular fitness, strength, endurance, speed, balance, agility, and co-ordination, all while having fun!

Maximum: 18 Participants.  Space is limited so register early.

I like the focus on goal setting and appreciate that you encourage us to set goals and achieve them. I also like that you provide individual feedback throughout the classes and are always encouraging us!
— -Tree

CURRENT Session: fall sunrise crew 2019

September 3rd - December 19th, 16 weeks: Tues 5:45am-7am/Thurs 6:00am-7:15am


Prices listed below increase by 10% seven days before program start dates

ELM Members receive 10-15% off of all ELM programs!  Sign up for an ELM Membership to start saving today!

Fall Session Early Bird Fees:

2 classes per week: $13/class
1 class per week: $13.50/class
Non Members
2 classes per week: $15.50/class
1 class per week: $16/class

  • *10 Pass Punch Cards: Members $150 Non Members $170

  • *Drop In: $18 plus GST *When space allows

  • Come try your first class on us! Sign up to try out any of our programs using the "First Class Free Pass" so that you can come out and see what we are all about!


It’s a good mix of fun and hard work. I trust in your knowledge. I like that it’s a full body workout. In the group setting, I push myself harder. I like that the class is early-I’m home by 7:30, and feeling good.
— Silvia
I am loving me some Sunrise Bootcamp! 16 pounds gone and my energy has improved ten-fold. I really enjoy how Coach Sarah switches it up every week, keeps it fun and still kicks my butt.
— Rachel M