self directed RUNNING PLANS

Download one of Coach Sarah's most popular, results based training plans or courses and you will receive your Training Resources immediately so that you can get started right away!  Self Directed Training programs include online, group coaching support with Coach Sarah in Team ELM Online, where you can ask questions, find answers and connect with the ELM Team on your new health and fitness journey.  When you purchase an ELM Training Plan, you are not just paying for a plan.  You are investing in the support and expertise of a Coach and joining a Community of athletes who have goals just like you!

10 weeks ago I was feeling really blah. I saw someone had liked your page on facebook so clicked on it and decided to sign up and go for it. I was sick of feeling like all I did was cook, clean, do laundry, and drive my kids to things....I wanted something that was “my own thing!” Pretty amazing what 10 weeks can do...both physically and mentally! I seriously thought I was going to cry about 100 times during the race...haha. It was so amazing to set a goal and actually see it through to the end.
I have done run clinics in the past and done a few races. This was definitely the best I have ever felt, throughout training and during the run (even while battling plantar faciatis) I had nerves at the start line, but they weren’t nerves about whether or not I could complete the run, because I felt totally ready from all the training. The hills in the run hardly seemed like hills at all, after the big hills we had done. While running, I wasn’t worrying about how many km I had left (well, until about the 8km mark:)), but instead I was thinking about my cadence, my posture, my arms not swinging across my body, my pace and breaking the run into thirds, etc....all the things we had focused on during training, replayed in my head and worked to block out any “I have so far to go” thoughts. So did all the amazing people along the sidelines motivating! I loved it.
— Stefanie- 10k Training