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Eating for energy has never been easier and more motivating with this whole foods cookbook.   This new edition features wholesome updates and many new recipes that will help you fuel for optimal performance.  Learn how to make your own natural sports drinks, home made sweet or savory energy bars, mobile meals and much much more!

Sarah Seads, BA Kinesiology, is a successful adventure racer and endurance athlete and she knows the importance of fueling her training for optimal performance. Sarah has compiled her favorite trail tested recipes into one great collection : NRG Foods that will move you. With close to 50 recipes, this cookbook will provide you with plenty of inspiration in the kitchen. Now you can enjoy Sarah's tried and true recipes at work or play.

Happy Trails and Bon Appetite!

Now you can enjoy my favourite, whole food recipes at work or play! Trail tested and ready for you to enjoy, the recipes in this book are quick, nutritious and delicious.

Eating for health and energy is easy and inspiring with this simple, easy to use cookbook. Happy Trails and Bon Appetite!
— — Sarah Seads, Endurance athlete, Coach, Personal Trainer and Kinesiologist.