Now ELM's popular running clinic, Need for Speed, is available in an Online Training format!  

This Online Clinic includes a Running Video Analysis and Corrective Exercise Prescription, 12-weeks of performance based Speed, Skill and Strength Running Workouts, Weekly Group Coaching emails, a running specific Strength & Flexibility Program and many more tools for your running performance toolbox.  


Runners who think that more mileage and longer hours are the only ways to improve end up frustrated or sidelined with injuries. The secret to running faster and further is training smarter not just longer!  Including key workouts and making simple changes in technique, and program design will help you reach a new level of performance, resilience and longevity.

With ELM's Need for Speed Online Clinic you will receive weekly running workouts and efficiency drills and specific exercises designed to transform your running technique and physiology.  You will learn the key training principles and techniques proven to improve efficiency and form, decrease your risk of injury and make you a stronger, faster, more resilient runner.  Learn how the science of Kinesiology and biomechanics can help you reach your running goals and watch your running fitness soar, with this specialized Training Plan.

Online Running Clinic Includes:

  • 1 Online Running Video Analysis & Corrective Exercise Prescription

  • 12 Performance based speed, skill and strength workouts designed to increase your efficiency and speed.

  • 12 Group Coaching Emails. Topics to build your running performance toolbox include:

  • Strength & Flexibility Training Program

  • Lactate Threshold Heart Rate field test instructions to track improvements and create Heart Rate Training Zones

  • Heart Rate Training Zone Calculator for those wishing to train with a heart rate monitor.

  • Detailed Running Manual with information on Nutrition, Injury Prevention, Strength Training, Flexibility Training, Heart Rate Training & more.

In addition to your Online Clinic services, all of our Online Training Plans include:

  • Access to Group Coaching Support via the Team ELM online facebook group for duration of your Training Plan. Connect with other ELM athletes, training tips, monthly Q & A sessions and more.

  • Initial coaching support by email, as needed, to help you get started on your new Training Plan and to answer any of your questions. Contact Coach Sarah with your start up questions once you have had a chance to review your plan.


Online Clinic: $140

Are you ready to reach that PB?

“Need for Speed” is a thorough and well developed on line training plan that has been of great value to me.
Once a week, detailed workout “descriptions” - not only informing WHAT to do - but WHY and HOW to do it. This has been of great value to my training.
I have been able to integrate this program into my current training plan - and it sure has given me results.
— Sarah Erikkson, Simplify The Get Going