Motivation toolbox

“It's sideways raining...again. I'll go later... I'll go tomorrow... I don't want to go!”

Been there? Me too! It has happened before. It will happen again. And it happens to everyone including me and you.

Experiencing low motivation is a normal part of the journey. Even the most highly motivated athletes will face the low lows. This is normal. YOU are normal. You are not weak, pathetic, tragic, lame or any of the other potentially self damning adjectives you may have tried to claim along the way. You are awesome and strong and fierce and human too. Got it? Let's move on and get some tools in the toolbox!

Acknowledging that low motivation is likely hibernating in the dark corners is reason enough to get your toolbox in order. When your motivation is a 10/10 roll with it! Fly high, push your limits and challenge yourself to break through to new levels in the game. And when you feel your motivation wavering, bust out your toolbox and start playing with your secret weapons. Those of us who appear to have naturally high levels of motivation don't just rely on happy genes to keep our bodies moving forward. We have worked hard to build a massive workshop of tools and taken the time to hone our craft through many years of experience, failures, successes and practise. We fire up tools without even knowing they are in our hands. We fight off the dark shadows before they turn into the crazies. And when the going get’s tough, it’s not the tough that get going…it’s the ones with the strongest minds!

And so...let's see what's in that toolbox...