Why Run?

The joy that comes from moving your body in the natural rhythm of running can hardly be explained with words. We truly were 'born to run' and our bodies thrive on the steady, smooth rhythm of moving from A to B. Most of us start running for health or bucket list reasons, but every single one of us finds additional benefits once we commit to our running journeys.

Running connects us with our bodies, with nature and with a beautiful community of humans that we share the path with. We were made to move and connecting with this natural, primal aspect of being human can ignite the spirit, light up the heart and fill the soul.

When we follow a smart training plan, we see successes week after week and month after month. Our confidence grows. Our belief expands. We soon learn that we are capable of much more than we gave ourselves credit for.

After nearly 20 years of coaching runners I can honestly tell you that in the end, it isn't about running, at all. It is about reaching beyond self perceived limits, experiencing immense personal growth and developing deeper connection, with ourselves, our environment and our community. All of that, with the simple action of taking one step...and another...and another.

Try this FREE Learn to Run program and take the first step on *your* running journey!  This 10-week plan is for those of you taking your first steps - or first steps in a really long time - and includes 3-4 training sessions each week.

Sarah has customized and provided comprehensive training for our level of fitness and race goals which has evolved the past three years from half marathons to multiple events and distances up to 100 miles. Our progress is monitored monthly, we receive useful training tips, insight and feedback which increased our level of confidence and readiness. Whatever your personal journey we recommend the online coaching services provided by Sarah.
— Murray and Paula Galloway