Kristen Gilbert - Yoga Instructor

Kristen is passionate about facilitating your personal growth and sense of freedom in your body. Her physical and spiritual pursuits cover a lot of ground, including 20 years of yoga/asana practice in a vinyasa style, meditation and pranayama, Sanskrit/yoga sutra study, circus (especially pole), cross training and trail running. Her love of yoga has inspired her to seek teachers all over the planet to glean wisdom from, including Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, Eddie Modestini and Nicki Doane, Chuck Miller, Aadil Palkivalha, Elizabeth Burr, Chris Richardson, Natalie Rousseau and many more. Together with her studio partner Toni, Kristen created the Doghouse with the intention of having a space for community-minded people to gather and further their physical and spiritual development in a holistic way. They are honoured to host international teachers in this intimate space and intertwine philosophy, mythology and the study of Ayurveda in their classes.

Kristen has had the blessing of teaching yoga almost everywhere she's lived and travelled for the last 18 years. She began her teaching career with a 2 year, 1000 hour Ashtanga Yoga training  in Toronto, then studied and taught Maya Yoga in Hawaii, and continued to teach in Australia, Chile, Nicaragua and India. She has led 10 retreats over the span of her career and has been the co-owner of The Doghouse in the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island since 2014. Her studio partner Toni and she have cultivated a thriving yoga scene with packed pre-registered classes. They have overarching educational themes for each of their 10 week sessions, including Ayurveda and the Elements, the Yamas and Niyamas (yogic moral precepts specified by the sage Patanjali), the Chakras and Indian Mythology. Kristen is devoted to continuing to feed her own development as a teacher and practitioner through engaging in continual education and taking yearly meditation retreats as well.