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Strengthen the weak, lengthen the tight and teach your body to move in a functional and efficient manner through this powerful Core Foundations series. With consistency and optimal training principles, you can completely restructure your body, replacing old harmful and inefficient movement patterns with a strong, resilient, efficient and powerful body. It takes time to correct old patterns through exercise, but the changes are permanent and powerful for long term health, performance and resilience in life, work and sport.

This program will help you to correct faulty postural imbalances, turn down ‘overworked' muscles and turn on ‘sleeping' muscles that have learned their patterns through years of lifestyle or due to injury. If you are ready to improve your posture, strengthen your core, decrease your risk of injury, improve your resilience and performance in life, work and sport, then this is the program for you! All levels will benefit from this progressive, multi-level, results based training program.

Integrated Core: Level 1 Foundations Program includes:

  • Core Foundations exercise prescription for strength - including 3-6 level progressions.  

  • Core Foundations exercise prescription for mobility

  • Exercise description sheets - step by step instructions on how to complete each exercise correctly and how to progress safely and effectively.

  • Exercise logging sheets - a place to record all of your workouts to ensure optimal progression.

  • Videos of all exercises - available on desktop or via the Physiotec mobile app 

  • Training Manual - In depth resource to answer your questions and help you reach your fitness goals.

  • Secrets to success- top tips for making gains and getting results and top reasons for failure.

  • Access to Online Group Coaching services via Team ELM Online for the duration of your program. Private facebook group, weekly coaching support and full access to my private Training Video Library.

When you purchase an ELM Training Plan, you are not just paying for a plan.  You are investing in the support and expertise of a Coach and joining a Community of athletes who have goals just like you!

In addition to your Training Plan Download materials, all of our Self Directed Training Plans include:

  • Initial coaching support by email to help you get started on your new Training Plan and to answer any of your questions. Contact Coach Sarah with all your start up questions once you have had a chance to review your plan.

  • Step by step instructions in the 'Start Here' document on how to customize your Training Plan to match your starting level, goals and weekly schedule.

  • Access to Group Coaching Support via the Team ELM online facebook group for duration of your Training Plan. Connect with other ELM athletes, training tips, monthly Q & A sessions and more.

Investment: $75 for a limited time! (Regular fee $100)

Let's get started!

Want to learn more?  Check out Coach Sarah's article: 'How to Transform Your Body'! 

First, Sarah you are a super coach/instructor . You are knowledgeable, give personalized instruction and have a great personality.
The content of the course was perfect for me. Challenging, moved at a good pace, educational and the handout materials were most helpful.
For me, my core is weak (very weak) and in some of the exercises I am still trying to maintain my core. I’ll stick with it.
I am transferring what I learned to every day life, such as shovelling snow 😊
— Thanks Sarah! -Darcy