Meditation Techniques - Heart Breathing

Heart Breathing. This is one of my go to breathing/meditation techniques as it fills me up with positive energy in the form of love. It feels really good! Yes, I made this one up, as well;) I have created many visualizations through my meditation practice this year, simply by letting my mind and my subconscious wander where it wishes to go. And it has taken me to many amazing places! When we can turn off our chatter box, conscious (if that's what you want to call it lol!) brain, our subconscious has many things to teach us. I have learned this through my time working with my clinical hypnotherapist Invision Your Life Hypnotherapy Private Sessions & Workshops as well as my recent meditation courses with Blissology.

Heart Breathing is a great way to warm up for a gratitude practice and I often finish off with a mental gratitude list after this heart breathing exercise. Enjoy!

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Ultra Bag of Tricks: Self Care

This is it.  The miles are in the bank.  The taper has worked all of her magic. My bags are in the cargo hold and I am a mile high above the endless Oregon coast.  Soon we will be picking up our race bibs and spreading our gear out on the floor one last time.  It's Miwok100k time baby!