Vision Board

Clear Vision

Clear Vision

Sarah Seads BA Kinesiology

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What does the future have in store for you? Well, that, my friend, is up to you:)

In order to reach your dreams you must look ahead and create a clear vision of your future. Yet in a busy life full of demands, many people never take the time to consider what it is they actually want.

The simple process of creating a vision for your future is a powerful catalyst to overcome inertia and stimulate change.

The power of positive intention is undeniable. Whether it is the 'universe' or simply the effect of keeping your goals at the front of your mind, having a clear vision of your intention is the key.

-Make a list of your goals and post them on the fridge.
-Create a screen saver on your computer with a list of your goals or powerful images that remind you of them.
-Or, create a vision board and put it somewhere you will see every single day.

Vision Board
Creating a vision board is a very simple but very powerful experience. This is a project where the process is as, if not more, important as the outcome. You will need: A pile of your favorite magazines, a poster board, scissors, glue/tape.

Cut out images and text that resonate with you and remind you of your goals. Arrange them on the board however you are inspired to. Put it somewhere you will see it everyday!

Dream Big. ANYTHING really is possible with time, smart training and determination.

Sarah Seads is the owner of Equilibrium Lifestyle Management (ELM), a fitness and rehabilitation business based in the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island. For more information on training ideas and programs go to or call ELM at 338-8998.