self directed training

Self Directed Training Plans and E-Courses are for self motivated individuals who want a professional, results based program but are not in need of the day by day support of a Coach.   Download one of Coach Sarah's most popular, results based training plans and e-courses and you will receive your Training Resources so that you can get started right away!  Training Plan Downloads allow you to train independantly but with access to Online Group Coaching Support via the private Team ELM Online facebook group where you can ask questions, find answers and connect with Coach Sarah and the ELM Team on your new journey.  When you purchase an ELM Training Plan, you are not just paying for a plan.  You are investing in the support and expertise of a Coach and joining a Community of athletes who have goals just like you!




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Training Plan Downloads Include

  • One-time, day by day training plan that you can download right now and start training with today.  Delivered in a PDF format along with a toolbox of training resources to help you personalize and customize your training plan.
  • Initial coaching support by email, if needed to help you get started on your new Training Plan Download and to answer any of your questions.
  • Step by step instructions on how to customize your Training Plan to match your starting level, goals and weekly schedule.
  • Training Toolbox- Training Plan, Training Manuals, Training Zone creation worksheet, Nutrition education, Race Preparation, Strength & Flexibility Program including detailed descriptions of all workouts and much more!
  • Online Group Coaching Support via Team ELM Online facebook group for duration of your Training Plan.  Connect with other ELM athletes, receive weekly training tips, Q & A sessions and more!
  • Plans range from $20-$50/month.  View individual plan details by clicking the links below.

HOW training plan downloads WORK

1. Select the Self Directed Training Plan or E-Course of your choice from the list below and follow the steps to purchase and download your Plan.  Unzip the files as needed and save them all on a special folder on your computer for future reference. Don't see the Plan you are looking for?  Check back frequently as Coach Sarah is continually updating this list of Plans.

2.  Once you have reviewed your Plan, contact Coach Sarah via email for initial support to answer any questions you have about your Training Plan Download.  Be sure to let her know your Facebook account name so that she can add you to Team ELM Online.

3.  Start training!  Print off your Plan and get to work on your training.  Receive Online Group Coaching support via Team ELM Online and connect with your Team for motivation, inspiration and support.   Book additional Coaching Services as needed to support your Training Plan along the way.