premier COACHING

Premier Coaching Plans are the ultimate way to Train Online with Coach Sarah and spaces are limited to a small group of athletes every year.  Premier Coaching Plans are reviewed weekly and updated as often as needed, to adapt to your training, performance, health status, event goals, schedule and life.  Premier Coaching Plans are for athletes and adventurers who want a completely customized training plan that is dynamic, flexible, personalized and supported by your Coach every step of the way.  Premier Coaching Plans include the highest level of Coaching services and support available with Coach Sarah.  With a Premier Coaching Plan, you will have the one on one support of your coach every step of the way so that you can relax and focus on your training, knowing you are on the right path to reach your goals feeling strong, happy and healthy.


  • Customized, professional day by day training plans delivered each month and personalized to fit your starting point, progress, health status, event goals, life and weekly schedule preferences. 
  • Premium Training Peaks Account where you can view your plan, upload and log your workout data, communicate with your Coach on specific workouts, access reports and receive instant updates to your training plan.  Or, if preferred, receive your training plan in a simplified format such as a PDF and shared online document (google docs).
  • Online intake assessment, athlete history and goal setting to gather information for customized plan development.  Initial email and/or phone consultation in addition to online assessment.
  • Initial coaching support by email or 30 minute phone call to help you get started on your new Training Plan and to answer all of your questions.
  • Annual periodized training plan creation to ensure optimal season performance in all goal events and long term athlete development.
  • Unlimited updates to your training plan as needed.
  • Unlimited coaching support via email or phone as needed
  • Race strategy, preparation, nutrition planning and post race review for all goal events.
  • Training Zone creation- bi-monthly as needed
  • Technique Video or Nutrition Analysis- bi-monthly as needed
  • Training Toolbox- Customized Training Plans, Training Manuals, Nutrition education, Race Preparation, Audio and Video files, detailed descriptions of all workouts and much more!
  • Progressive Strength & Flexibility program - including videos and descriptions of all exercises.  Personalized exercises to correct imbalances as needed.
  • Weekly Group Coaching Support via the Team ELM Online Facebook group for duration of your Training Plan.  Connect with other ELM athletes, weekly training tips, monthly Q & A sessions and more.
  • Team ELM Racing Gear!


  • $200/month.  $250 first month of season.  Includes a Premium Training Peaks account.  Minimum 3 month start up.  Pre-pay for 12 months or more and receive 10% off of your entire Training Plan.


Sarah Seads Client Coaching Agreement:

As a Coach, I am 100% committed to supporting my clients in any and all ways that I can and will do my very best to assist you in reaching your personal health goals, with all of the tools I have.  I will invest my knowledge, skills, energy and passion to support you in reaching your goals in the best way I can.  To achieve the best possible outcome for you, I ask for 100% commitment to yourself and the process, in return.  Coaching is a partnership that requires an equal investment of energy from both the Coach and Client.  As a Coach, I will only agree to work with Clients who are as committed to themselves and process as I am.  As a Coach I cannot guarantee results, because it is you, the Client,  that must do the work and take the steps required to reach your personal goals.  The power for change and success is in the relationship, not in me, the Coach.

I only work with Clients who agree to:

1.  Commit 100% to doing the work, both physically and mentally, that is required to achieve the results they seek.  

2.  Invest as much energy in themselves, as I do, to support themselves in realizing their personal goals.

3.  Be responsible for their own results and take the steps required to reach towards their personal goals over the long term.

Thank you for considering signing up to embark on this exciting journey with me and for trusting me to support you in reaching your goals.  I am here to support you, guide you, motivate you and keep you accountable so that we can both see you succeed.  Let’s get started!


ELM training Policies

Training sessions are one hour in duration unless otherwise indicated and may take place in the location of your choice or via phone, facetime or skype.  All prices are subject to GST and do not include gym fees, dues, memberships or travel expenses outside of location schedule.  Our cancellation policy requires 24 hours notice to allow for rescheduling or full session fee applies.

*Scheduled locations are: CV Sports Centre or track for AM sessions and Comox Rec Centre for PM sessions.  Mobile services are always available outside of this schedule for a $20 per session fee.  In-home services are only available for female clients.



1. Contact Coach Sarah to discuss your goals, learn more about Monthly Coaching services and to inquire about openings.  Ready to start?  Go to Step 2!

2.  Complete the New Client Information Form (below) to update your season goals, health history, current training schedule, needs and preferences.  Coach Sarah will contact you by email or phone with any additional questions needed to create your Training Plan.

3. Coach Sarah will create your annual training plan (ATP) and first 'block' of your Monthly Coaching Plan and share it with you via your preferred delivery method (Training Peaks or shared google doc or PDF file).  You will receive a big file full of training resources to support your Training Plan.  Coach Sarah will contact you via phone or email to answer all of your initial questions and get you started on your Training Plan.

4.  Start training!  Record your workouts so that Coach Sarah can keep track of your progress and modify your Training Plan as needed along the way.  Coach Sarah will track your progress and reporting each week and make changes to your plan based on your performance and personal reports.  At the end of each month, Coach Sarah will contact you for a monthly progress report to prepare your next block of training.  Peak for your goal event, feeling strong, rested and ready to rock!  Book additional Coaching Services as needed to support your Training Plan along the way.


Coach Sarah is currently taking new Monthly Coaching clients.  Contact Coach Sarah to discuss your goals, learn more about Coaching services and to inquire about openings.  Once you have booked your Coaching spot, please complete the Client Information Form by clicking the link below.  Here we go!

Sarah has customized and provided comprehensive training for our level of fitness and race goals which has evolved the past three years from half marathons to multiple events and distances up to 100 miles. Our progress is monitored monthly, we receive useful training tips, insight and feedback which increased our level of confidence and readiness. Whatever your personal journey we recommend the online coaching services provided by Sarah.
— — Murray and Paula Galloway