Join Coach Sarah this year for a powerful health journey that will re-shape your lifestyle, expand your perspective and strengthen your body and mind.  If you are ready to commit to making changes to your lifestyle that will last a lifetime, then we are ready to commit to supporting you all the way.  You will see significant changes in your physical and mental fitness when you commit to participating fully in this 12-week program.  The ELM Journey is designed for those who are ready to transform their lifestyle, dive deeper and commit to lasting change.  During this 12-week Journey, Coach Sarah will give you the tools, skills and inspiration that you need to live a healthy and more vital life long into the future.  We believe that health is a journey and we are here to support you every step of the way.

This IS a Journey.  YOUR Journey.  It has to work for you. We will work together to set personal, achievable and meaningful goals for the Journey and beyond!  Then, each week, you will create a weekly action plan to put it all into place and move towards your goals one step at a time.  Every week is a new week and you will build on your successes and learn from your obstacles throughout the Journey.  In the process you will learn much about your motivations and obstacles and, most importantly, how you can use this knowledge to help you reach your health goals over the long term.

ELM 12-week Journey Includes:

  • Initial Health & Fitness Assessment
  • 'Kick Start' Personal Coaching Session - 30 minute phone or video call, your preference. Coach Sarah will help you personalized your Fitness & Nutrition Plan, answer your questions and ensure you are ready to launch! 
  • 2 personal monthly coaching support emails. These emails are a chance for you to check in, ask question, work through obstacles, progress your program and support you anyway that you need it.
  • 12 weekly group coaching emails- weekly fitness, nutrition and mental training 'homework' to build your toolbox, keep you on track and moving towards your goals.
  • 3 detailed, monthly Fitness Plans including fun and challenging strength, flexibility and cardio workouts. These progressive workouts will keep you inspired, build your exercise toolbox and help you reach your fitness goals.
  • Detailed Nutrition Plan and Recommendations to support your health and body composition goals.  Step by step instructions and assistance in personalizing your nutrition plan, set your macro nutrients and create your own calorie budget to meet your personal goals.
  • Training Toolbox including all of the resources you need on your journey- Training Manuals, Weekly Activity and Nutrition Logs, Exercise Sheets, Planners and more!
  • E-copies of Coach Sarah's two popular health books: 'NRG Foods that will move you' cookbook and 'Fit & Free, Seven Steps to Achieving Fitness for Life'.  Two resources we will dive into during the Journey.
  • Team ELM Gear!  Will be mailed out to you once your Journey begins.
  • 3 month membership in Team ELM Online - Weekly Group Online Coaching in our private Facebook group.  Weekly coaching tips, videos, recipes, training advice, inspiration, challenges, group support and much much more!
  • In Person Option: 12 Weeks of Unlimited ELM Group Programs - Fitness Bootcamp and Fresh Air Fitness Classes- $177 discount!
  • A long term lifestyle change and a healthier, stronger, more inspired, vital YOU!

Q&A with Coach Sarah.  Learn more about the Journey.

Q: What is the goal of the Journey?

A: To support you in reaching your personal health goals in an online, group setting, using the same powerful tools that my one on one clients have access to.  In a group- for the positive and powerful energy that comes from inclusion in a supportive group.  Online- for the flexibility to create your own schedule and follow the program on your own time, in a place that works best for you- in-home, outdoors or at a gym.  And personalized- to ensure that you are following a program that meets your unique health and lifestyle needs.

Q: What changes can you expect to see during the Journey? 

A: Well, that depends on you, of course!  The more you are able to put into the Journey, the greater the changes you will see.  Your results depend on your goals, your starting point and your daily choices during the 12 week program.  Any positive change that moves you in the direction of better health, is a good change.  The tools in this program have helped hundreds (thousands?) of my clients reach their health goals which include:

  • Increased strength and stamina
  • Improved body composition - decreased body fat, increased muscle tone
  • Improved health markers - decreased blood pressure, decreased risk of diabetes, stroke and heart disease.
  • Increased energy
  • Improved sleep
  • Improved mood, clarity and overall mental health
  • Increased knowledge of fitness, nutrition principles and weight management principles
  • Improved confidence, happiness and motivation!

Q: How does the Journey work?

Every Journey is unique, but follows a few key steps.  Here is the flow of the Journey to give you a better picture of how the program will look as well as how the resources will be delivered to you.

1. You complete an Online Information Questionnaire to help us both prepare for the Journey ahead.  This information will help you solidify your goals and help me assist you in personalizing your program and supporting your needs. 

2. Once you have completed the Questionnaire, watch your inbox for a Fit & Free Journey Toolbox email including your Fitness Training and Nutrition Plans with all of the resources you need to get started!  You will receive detailed workouts with descriptions, images and videos so that you can choose the learning format that works best for you! You will receive a new Fitness Plan every month to keep things fresh, progressive and inspiring.

3. After you have received your Toolbox, we will schedule a time for your 'Kick Start' 30 minute Coaching Call during the first week of the program. During this session we will review the training plan and personalize it to match your starting point, goals, needs and preferences. This is a great chance to ask questions and address any concerns you may have about health, fitness, nutrition or the Journey itself.

4. Each week, beginning on the first Monday of your Journey, you will receive a detailed Coaching Email.  These weekly emails will contain education, motivation and challenges to help you stay on track and moving towards your goals week by week and month by month. 

5. At the end of each month, I will check in with you personally to see how you are progressing, answer any questions you may have, help you work around any obstacles you may be facing and ensure you are ready for the next chapter in your Journey.

Delivery:  You will receive tools each week via email as well as online documents that are shared with your Coach and your Journey team so that you can support one another.  In addition, you will have access to 2 private facebook groups- a Membership in Team ELM Online as well as a special group just for your Journey participants so that you can connect, share your successes and stay up to date on your program.  Workouts will be emailed in pdf form with detailed instructions and you will be provided with log in details to view them online in video format as well.

What are your goals?  Let's get started on them!

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Additional online Coaching Services

Need even more support?  One on One Coaching Services may be booked anytime you need them, to review technique with video analysis, discuss personal goals and motivation, adjust training plans, create individualized nutrition plans, personalize race plans and more. 

  • Phone & Email Support: $35/15 min increments
  • Online Nutrition Analysis and Recommendations: $150  Recommendations Only: $75
  • Online Running Video Analysis and Recommendations: $75
  • In-Person Coaching Session, Program Development and Materials: $100/hour
  • Contact Coach Sarah to book Coaching Support Services
Sarah has customized and provided comprehensive training for our level of fitness and race goals which has evolved the past three years from half marathons to multiple events and distances up to 100 miles. Our progress is monitored monthly, we receive useful training tips, insight and feedback which increased our level of confidence and readiness. Whatever your personal journey we recommend the online coaching services provided by Sarah.
— — Murray and Paula Galloway