Join experienced Endurance athlete, Coach and Kinesiologist, Sarah Seads, for a summer of endurance training that will stretch your edges and remove your self perceived limitations.  The human body is an amazing endurance machine and you are capable of successfully completing an endurance race with smart training, patience and desire.  Train and race in the endurance running event of your choice and let ELM help you reach your running dreams this year!  This program includes a detailed training plan, weekly group runs, specialized workshops AND ongoing support from Coach Sarah to ensure that you reach your running goals this year.  Let's do this!


Train with ELM for the EVENT of your choice - Online or In Person!

Online Program - Train with the ELM Run Team from anywhere in the world!

If you live outside of the Comox Valley or cannot attend the in-person clinics and workshops then this option is for you!  

  • Detailed Training Plan of your choice - 25k, 50k or 50mile.  Start the plan 16-20 weeks before your goal event and schedule in the workouts based on your starting point, schedule and preferences.
  • Endurance Racing Webinar: Everything you need to know to successfully train and race for your endurance event!  Attend this workshop live or watch it later.
  • Monthly Coaching Support.  One 'Kick Start' 30 minute coaching call and three 'Monthly Progress' sessions via email at the start of each new month of your training plan.  Coach Sarah will help you get started and personalize your Training Plan to fit your schedule / starting point, answer your questions each month and help you create a race strategy going into your event. 
  • Ultra Training Toolbox: Day by day Training Plan, Training Zone Calculator, ELM Running Clinic & Ultramarathon Manuals, Endurance Nutrition Planner and more!
  • Team ELM Race Gear: Tech Tee or Buff or Hat- your choice!
  • 12 month membership in the new 'Team ELM Online' Group Coaching Page (private Facebook Group)!  Connect with your team mates, buddy up for long runs, share the journey and receive weekly coaching tips, training videos, techniques and strategies from Coach Sarah along the way!
  • Weekly online group coaching support from Sarah Seads via Team ELM Online.

In Person Program - Train with the ELM Run Team in the Comox Valley!


  • 25k program begins at 8kms and builds to 23-28km - 16 weeks
  • 50k program begins at 8kms and builds to 40k - 20 weeks
  • 50mile program begins at 12kms and builds to 50miles - 20weeks
  • 100k program available -inquire.
  • Higher volume program options available for those already running beyond the above starting distances.
  • Must commit to training a minimum of 3-4 days per week for duration of Training Plan.  View Training Plans here. Minimum of 3 days running if you also mountain bike or swim/cross train.
  • No pace requirement!  Yes, you can do it!

Investment:  $333

Ready to go on an epic Running Adventure?  Join Team ELM Trans Rockies in Colorado for the Trans Rockies Staged Race in 2017!