10K training plans 10-WEEKS

Choose from Beginner & Novice or Intermediate & Advanced Training Plans and rock your 10K race goals this year!

Training Plan Download Includes:

  • 10 weeks of detailed workouts for Beginner and Novice Training Plans
  • Strength Training Program
  • Flexibility Program
  • Detailed Training Manual with information on Nutrition, Injury Prevention, Strength Training, Flexibility Training, Heart Rate Training & more.
  • Race Preparation
  • Heart Rate Training Zone Calculation for those wishing to train with a heart rate monitor.

In addition to your Training Plan Download materials, all of our Self Directed Training Plans include:

  • Initial coaching support by email to help you get started on your new Training Plan and to answer any of your questions. Contact Coach Sarah with your start up questions once you have had a chance to review your plan.
  • Step by step instructions on how to customize your Training Plan to match your starting level, goals and weekly schedule.
  • Access to Group Coaching Support via the Team ELM online facebook group for duration of your Training Plan.  Connect with other ELM athletes, training tips, monthly Q & A sessions and more.

Fee: $65 one time

Let's get started!


Are you ready to tackle the 10K distance?  This Training Plan will make sure you are more than prepared for your first (or first in a while) 10K race.  These plans are designed for anyone who is ready to learn to run 10K! 

The Beginner Learn to Run plan follows a gradual run:walk program that begins with a run 1: walk 2 for 6 repetitions workout.  That's it!  After 10 weeks you will be able to reach your goal of completing a 10K with a combination of running and walking.  Run 3-5 days per week.  Anyone can learn to run 10K with this gradual and effective training plan!

The Novice 10K Training Plan is designed for individuals who are able to run:walk approximately 3kms using a 10:1 schedule (run for 10 minutes then walk for 1). The goal is to build up from 3kms to completing the 10k distance, feeling strong!  Run 3-5 days per week.


This Package includes multiple 10K Training Plans including an Intermediate Plan and a set of 4 Advanced, Time Based Training Plans!  Are you ready to reach a new PB in the 10K distance?  These results based Training Plans will help you reach your 10K race goals this year!

The Intermediate Training Plan is designed for individuals who are currently able to run 6-7kms, may have completed a 10k in the past and would like to improve their comfort at the 10k distance. This plan is less demanding then the Advanced Plans but more challenging than the Novice schedule. It includes weekly hill training and speed work but does not require the same training volume as the Advanced schedule.  Run 3-5 days per week.

The Advanced Training Plans are designed for individuals who are currently able to comfortably run 10kms or more and who would like to reach a specific 10K finish time- and get that PB this year!  Four specific plans are included for 60mins, 50mins, 44mins and 40min 10K finishes.

Sarah has customized and provided comprehensive training for our level of fitness and race goals which has evolved the past three years from half marathons to multiple events and distances up to 100 miles. Our progress is monitored monthly, we receive useful training tips, insight and feedback which increased our level of confidence and readiness. Whatever your personal journey we recommend the online coaching services provided by Sarah.
— Murray and Paula Galloway